Digital Games Reflection

I liked spent more because of  the better interface and how it shows real statistics after each decision you make. I felt stressed while playing the game, so what about people who get exposed to this in their daily lives. The game makes you empathize with poverty and the fact that you are put in a reality like situation, at which you have to take calculated decisions makes you understand how severe those decisions are and makes you appreciate the value of the luxury we have. The question is “does money really buys everything?”  We live our daily lives thinking that money is not everything, but actually it is the asset that leads to having each and every other basic need like: being healthy and buying food to survive and it also buys you freedom. “It’s just stuff. Until you don’t have it”

The Syrian refugee game was good in raising awareness, but it is not as good as spent in terms of the interface and the time; the game is very short and it doesn’t put you through the same detailed scenarios as spent, so you don’t actually get a taste of the real feeling .

In conclusion, I though spent was more realistic due to the fact that it showed real statistics after each decision, also because it gives you a taste of what reality could be, making you empathize with poverty. I also liked that you get to take a small part or take a little action by donating at the end of the game.

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